Sizing Guide


For a petite body, it’s all about creating the illusion of a shapley figure. To accentuate your bust, opt for tops that tie around the neck and avoid underwire styles as they make the bust appear smaller. Elongate your body with a solid-coloured bottom and patterned top. When choosing a one-piece, go for a style with cut-outs around the waist to create more shape in your figure.

Small Bust

If you’re smaller up top and want to give the illusion of a fuller chest, think bikinis with ruffles, bandeaus with ruching near the bustline or one pieces with creative cutouts. You can also try pushup style tops with molded cups to enhance your bust. You don’t require as much support as those with bigger busts, so be more adventurous with different shaped tops and styles with less coverage.


Big Bust

Support is key if you have a bigger bust. Choose an underwire style or a top with molded cups. Halter tops with thick straps are also a great option for extra support. Get the perfect fit with styles that can be tied around the neck and back. If you want to shift the attention away from your chest, steer clear of styles with ruffles or embellishments up top. Bikini bottoms with frills will help balance out your shape.


If you’re more straight up and down, go for styles that will flaunt your figure. Bold prints, ruffles and gathering can create the appearance of curves. Triangle tops are perfect for breaking up straight lines and tie-side bottoms will help enhance curves. Avoid bandeau style tops as they will make you appear flatter than you are. To create the illusion of a shapelier figure, opt for styles with less coverage.


With a full bust, hips, thighs and bottom, vintage styles are perfect for showing off your curves. Don’t try to hide your figure with layers or frills as these will do the opposite and draw attention to those areas. Focus on the shape of your swimwear, rather than the print or pattern to complement your figure. Highlight your bustline and even out your shape with a sweetheart neckline.