Catfish Athlete Applications 2018/19 are open!

We are excited to be rolling out a new Catfish Athlete program for 2018-19.

Our focus is on building a community of like minded athletes from all over the world to learn from each other and share their journey.

The Catfish team is chosen based on their ability to increase brand awareness and customer loyalty, increase sales and traffic, help build a community and positive public relations, improve our brand perception, help to increase awareness and knowledge of our products and will engage with our customers.

Apply Here : 

Applications close 25 July 2018 – applicants will be advised of next steps by Wednesday 1 August 2018.

1 thought on “Catfish Athlete Applications 2018/19 are open!”

  1. Dear Catfish Team!
    As a German pentathlete I would LOVE to be a catfish ambassador!! Not only because what Catfish represents – the positivity, the “I love life” spirit – but also the fact that it’s Australian.
    I love Australia, Aussies and the lifestyle they are living. I’ve never been to Aussie-Wonderland (that’s what I call it because it’s just wonderful) but sometimes I think I was born in Australia or I would have some australian roots, when my friend Marina Carrier ,who is already your brand ambassador, and me are talking about her Hometown. We met at international competitions for modern pentathlon and we get along so well because we identify us with so many same views of life. Wouldn’t it be just amazing having two pentathletes representing Catfish at competitions all over the world? I would love sharing my journey while wearing your amazing stuff and posting it on social media!!
    I love to live, laugh, compete, learn, teach, meet people. I just love life.
    My name is Pia Bukow. I’m from Berlin, Germany, an international modern pentathlete and also a coach for young pentathletes.

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