A bit about Renee Kiley

We first partnered with Pro Triathlete Renee Kiley about 12 months ago, and the more we learned about her journey and got to know her, the more we knew this relationship was going to go great places.

So as we launch our collaboration range Renee x Catfish, we thought we would share a bit about Renee Kiley, Pro Triathlete and chaser of dreams!


Somewhere between 2000 when I left home, and 2013 (when I had a bit of a life changing moment watching a triathlon for the first time) I managed to pile on the weight and was around 104kg at my heaviest. I was also a heavy smoker and had not exercised over that period (beside the odd 3-4 day attempt to lose weight here and there!)

In January 2014 I rode a bike for the first time since primary school and swam laps of a pool for the first time since high school. I ran more kilometres in 2014 than I had run in the prior 14 years. I am 42kg lighter now than I was before I discovered triathlon.

Who would have thought at the age of 34 that I would be calling myself a Professional Triathlete. I am passionate about helping and inspiring others to show that they too can change if they want it badly enough. It is not too late and it is not too hard.

Here is an interactive timeline of my journey. I hope that it proves to you, or someone you know, that anything is possible.

You can listen to my podcast about my 2 year life transformation here or my follow up podcast on my decision to step up and race professionally here.

So jump online and check out our new range Renee x Catfish – and support this beautiful strong woman chasing her dreams https://catfishdesigns.com.au/product-category/renee-x-catfish/ 

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